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McLaren vehicles have a particular spot in a road-loving car collector because of the dynamic driving experience that sends automobile enthusiasts wild. The only thing that can pop the bubble of a McLaren driver is having the car involved in a collision. Not only is a car accident traumatic, but so too can be the [...]



Lamborghini's vehicles are some of the most sought-after in the world. Drivers and collectors revere them for their complexity, construction, and the exclusivity of their sticker price. Not just any auto body shop can be granted the exclusive rights to perform collision repairs on Lamborghinis, but we are your local Maryland Lamborghini collision center. [...]

Rolls Royce


From light fixes to dedicated collision repairs, when you have the privilege of owning and driving a Rolls Royce you must choose your auto body shop carefully. The Rolls Royce vehicle is one of the most coveted machines on the planet—doesn't it deserve to be treated as such when it needs a fix? Euro [...]



There's nothing worse than slowing down at an intersection and hearing the crunch of two cars colliding – unless you're in one of the cars. It doesn't matter whether your Audi has had it's bumper crumpled, hood dented, or side mirror swiped off – no matter the degree, being in a car accident can cause [...]

Tesla Certified


While your Tesla might be one of the safest vehicles in the world, that doesn't mean it's completely immune to accidents. Whether it's a fender bender, a complete wreck, or a broken windshield, the bottom line is you need a Tesla certified collision center. This is important because if you take your Tesla to [...]

Porsche Certified Collision Center


Porsche Approved Collision Center since 2014 Euro Pros Auto Collision Center is the premier East Coast Porsche auto collision center. At Euro Pros we have painted and restored Porsches since we our doors opened. Our shop has ten years of experience with Porsches. There is not another auto body shop in the D.C. , Maryland or Virginia area or on [...]

Aluminium Panel Repairs


Aluminum is a preferred choice for automakers due to its strength and lightweight nature that increases efficiency. With auto manufactures shifting its focus to manufacturing high-grade aluminum auto bodies the demand for exceptional aluminum collision repair services. When it comes to collision auto body repairs, Euro Pros Collision Center has paved the way for high-quality [...]



Choose Euro Pros As Your Bethesda Area Collision Center Euro Pros Collision Center is the premier auto body repair shop in Bethesda. From scratches and dents to major accidents, we repair all makes and models including high-end imports. We use the latest in collision repair technology to restore your vehicle to factory specifications.   Customer [...]



Premier Gaithersburg Auto Collision If you are in need of auto collision repair and you are in the Gaithersburg area, Euro Pros Collision Center is the one to turn to. We feature an I-CAR certified staff and professionals who care about your vehicle and getting you back on the road again in style.   We [...]



Euro Pros Is Your Rockville Auto Collision Center With over a decade providing quality collision diagnostic and repair services to the Rockville area, if you’re in need of collision repair or an estimate, you’ll want to contact Euro Pros Collision Center. From your estimate and diagnostics to full repair, we provide quality service throughout the [...]