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Aluminum is a preferred choice for automakers due to its strength and lightweight nature that increases efficiency. With auto manufactures shifting its focus to manufacturing high-grade aluminum auto bodies the demand for exceptional aluminum collision repair services. When it comes to collision auto body repairs, Euro Pros Collision Center has paved the way for high-quality aluminum repair work in the Mid-Atlantic. We are a certified collision repair facility specializing in different makes and models including Audi, Telsa, Porsche and more. The certified service technicians at our East Coast aluminum auto body repair are well trained to handle your aluminum repairs and get your vehicle looking and functioning at its very best.

As a leading Maryland aluminum auto collision repair, we thoroughly understand the difference between working with aluminum and steel. Aluminum auto body repairs are much more delicate as they require specialized equipment, tools and training hence the need to entrust the service of a reputable professional.

Here are some differences between aluminum and steel collision repairs to help you understand why your aluminum machine demands special handling.

Aluminum Repairs Require Special Skills and Equipment

The time required to pull a dent from an aluminum body construction is longer than a steel one as aluminum requires a different technique with the use of specific tools like aluminum dent pulling station. Aluminum repairs can be more complicated as the metal does not easily restore to its pre-collision state. In steel repair, the wrinkles and dents can be smoothed out with a hammer and dolly whereas an aluminum repair focuses on reshaping an entire panel. Following this, it remains crucial to partner with an aluminum auto collision repair in the Mid-Atlantic that pays close attention to equipping its technicians in the latest aluminum repair techniques to restore your vehicle to its original integrity without damaging it further.

Aluminum has Unique Welding Needs

Whether it’s a minor or major repair, servicing vehicles with aluminum auto body construction require specialized welders and ability to weld with the utmost skill and care. Aluminum conducts heat much faster than steel making it difficult to control the heat during welding. This could quickly burn out the thin gauge body panels compromising the strength of the metal. Vehicles with aluminum panels are specially bonded and riveted in place with adhesives. Where welding is required for aluminum repair, it’s important to ensure that the welding wire matches the properties of the metal being welded. Our Maryland aluminum auto collision repair experts are trained to identify the series, use the correct filler wire as well as follow OEM guidelines.

Aluminum Requires a Dedicated Repair Facility

Aluminum auto body repair will need a separate repair shop and tools. This is because aluminum is prone to galvanic corrosion hence contact with steel dust or debris should be avoided at all costs. As your most trusted aluminum auto collision repair in the Mid-Atlantic, we use clean rooms reducing the chances of cross-contamination for a top-quality auto body repair.

For the best Maryland aluminum auto collision repair, contact Euro Pros Collision Center. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired correctly and safely as per the manufacturer’s specifications.